Blunt. Direct. Filter-less.

My name is Liss. I’m an amateur advice columnist.

My brand of honesty is blunt, direct and point blank. Sugar-coating is for candy not words. It may not be your cup of tea but it might be just what you need.

Real-talk perspectives, random thoughts and any requests. I’ll be sharing emails asking for advice, but don’t worry, I’ll keep who you are anonymous.

If your need advice, or would like me to delve into a specific subject, please do drop me an email. All are welcome.


Let it all out so you can breathe again.

  • Do. Always. Never.
    Do not judge them for who they were, judge them for who they are. Do not give yourself for personal gain, give yourself for yourself. Do not let your voice…More
  • Sexual Orientation
    This may be a touchy subject because it can be very controversial for some. The reason I wanted to touch on this subject is because I’ve always had a question…More
  • Acceptance and Acknowledgement.
    By Liss It’s been imbeded in your subconscious since you were a child and it’s there, always lingers. People naturally want to feel accepted by others, they want to be…More
  • Depression Misconceptions.
    Okay, where do I start. There have been a lot of posts recently about people writing about their depression and how it makes them feel, only to be replied with…More
  • It’s okay to feel different from normal.
    By Liss “Don’t be sad.” ” I don’t know why you’re angry, you shouldn’t be. ” “You should be happy about it. “ A lot of conversations have that line…More
  • Apologies: to accept or not?
    By Liss So this has been a subject I’ve wanted to touch on because although I have received questions of advice with apologies in it, I haven’t received one asking…More

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